About Us

CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. (CFU) was founded in 1997 by Marc and Tracy Warren. Both are graduates of the Pennsylvania State University. Marc, President of CFU, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Tracy, Vice President and Director of Operations, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Both are marketing professionals whose previous positions include, project manager, sales director, marketing coordinator and corporate sales director.

Tracy and Marc Warren

CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. was founded on the following fundamental beliefs:

  • The quality of customer service is one of the few variables that separate one business from all of the others that offer the same products and service.
  • Customers are more qualified than anyone to assess the effectiveness of service.
  • It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  • The quality of service is what compels a customer to stay with a business.
  • Customers will pay higher fees to receive better service.
  • No matter how sophisticated and advanced communication methods become, talking to customers yields some of the most insightful information there is.

"We believe that customers are the best source of invaluable information and advice a business can get, and that for a business to be successful they need to monitor the thoughts and opinions of their customers consistently and objectively. This unbiased information assists a business tremendously in keeping on course to meet their growth and service goals."

"CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC. has consistently met their deadlines, their pricing is fair, and they personally work with you throughout the process to make sure they have it right. Nothing is more important than your relationship with your clients and CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC. not only respects that precious principle, but they practice it themselves."

— Diane B. Landers
GAI Consultants, Inc.