Return on Investment

Business Efficiency

Many of our clients learn that some of their current operating policies and procedures are cumbersome from their customers’ point of view. Uncorrected, these inefficiencies may cause customers to be reluctant about referring the client’s business — or they may take their business elsewhere.

CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. obtains more than the surface-levels of information returned by simply checking “yes” or “no” on a written survey. By engaging your customers in conversations about your business, CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. will be able to offer you a comprehensive look at your business practices, and our insightful analysis and informational reports will help you determine more efficient ways of serving your customers.


"The objectivity of CFU’s approach is only valued more by the time they are able to save your project managers from conducting a survey internally. What is most important is that now we have a proactive system to find areas of improvement before they become areas of concern."

— Diane B. Landers
GAI Consultants, Inc.