What We Do


A standard fee matrix is not included here because each project is individualized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Please call us to discuss your needs so we may quote you an accurate and fair price for our services

Our fees are generally based on four criteria. They are:

  • How many customers we need to talk with.
  • How often we need to contact them.
  • How long our conversations with them will take. (Consider the number and type of questions that we are to ask them.)
  • The type of report that is required.

Prior to your call to us please consider the following questions. These are here to help you define what you would like to know from your customers and also which customers should be contacted.

Some things to consider...

1) What would I like to know from my customers?

For Example:

How did they hear about us?

  • Why did they decide to use our products or service?
  • What do they think about our sales team or methods?
  • What do they think about our customer / technical support?
  • Would they make the same decision to use our services again?
  • Would they recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  • What suggestions can they offer that would improve our business?

2) How many customers do I have?

3) Do I have different groups of customers that I would like to survey?

For Example:

  • Do I offer several different services and would I want to know what customers think of each service received?
  • Do I want to compare what regional, national or international customers think about us?

4) What will I do with the information that CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. obtains from my customers?

"CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC.’s pricing is very reasonable. Their costs were straightforward and there were never any “surprise” extra charges."

— Dean Bunnell