What We Do

How We Do It

Goal and Question Identification

All CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. projects are individualized to meet the specific needs of each client. We also carefully research your company, your products, and your services before beginning a project. We enjoy collaborating closely with clients to help them determine project specifications such as the group or the number of customers to contact, specific questions to ask, timeframes in which to contact customers, etc.

Question Testing and Verification

Prior to the beginning of the calling phase the questions are tested to verify that they “ask” easily. Any necessary adjustments are made prior to the client giving approval on the final questions.

Customer List Integration and Database Development

As the questions are being formulated we work closely with our client’s IT/MIS department to obtain the correct customer contact lists.* At this time we also begin to develop a database designed specifically to meet the goals of that project.

Project-Announcement Letter

The "secret" to our success in obtaining a consistently high rate of contact and completion (generally 80%-95%) is that we request that our clients send a project announcement letter on their company letterhead to everyone we are to contact. This letter serves several critical functions. It legitimizes our call by explaining that the business has hired us to call on their behalf. It also thanks the customer for their business, stresses that their feedback is valuable and very much appreciated, and suggests that they consider their experience(s) and jot down anything they may want to discuss prior to being called. Our clients and their customers appreciate the professionalism of this approach.

Calling Phase

All of our research assistants are “hand picked” and trained to be proficient in asking the questions, but more importantly they are trained to be acute listeners of what your customers are saying. They are specifically trained to capture not only the content of the customers’ comments, but the context as well. All of the people calling on your behalf are friendly, positive and respectful of your customers’ time. Top management monitors calls to ensure the high standards of CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. are being met. We always represent our client in a very positive light.

Data Analysis and Report

Our reports are designed to be working documents that management can use to identify problematic areas and solutions to any issues. We don’t just deliver data in the form of numbers and charts (though if you like the hard numbers, we provide plenty of those as well). More importantly, the open-ended questions we ask elicit the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that customers have about doing business with an organization.

Depending on the specific goals of the project, reports are generated on a time sensitive basis (weekly, quarterly, biannually). In addition, project managers give our clients frequent updates. In the event that any customer requests contact, or in our opinion we feel it is in the best interest of our client to contact a customer, we notify our client within 24 hours of the conversation.

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"The real value of CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC.’s service is the systematic and recurring follow-up process of obtaining feedback from clients. While many firms may think they are in touch with their clients, it’s hard to be in a systematic, repeatable and objective way."

— Matt Burns
The Burns Group