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Sample Report

This sample report is designed to give the reader an accurate portrayal of the detail and depth of the information a CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, Inc. report contains.

The company represented in this report is fictitious. However, the format and information is from client reports that we have generated. Much of the information has been changed to protect the proprietary nature of the information and our clients’ confidentiality.

The Report Files*

Table of Contents
An overview detailing the contents of the report.

Survey Operational Definition
An explanation of how the survey was conducted and the parameters that establish the validity of the information.

Survey Questions
A listing of the exact questions that were used in the project.

Comparison of Survey Responses
A comparison of the 1st and 2nd quarter overall responses to survey questions.

Call-To-Action List
Suggested action items derived from customer feedback.

Matrix — Survey Results by Region
A matrix depicting the core answers to survey questions and comparing responses by region.

A chart depicting the number of customers who would recommend the company with a comparison between 1st and 2nd quarter results.

Chart — Strength of Customers’ Recommendations by Region
A chart detailing the strength of customers’ recommendations.

Individual Call Notes
A section showing the individual responses that each customer gave.

*Adobe Reader is required to view and print these report files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your Mac or PC, it is a free download you can get it here.

"CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC.’s reports helped us identify customer service issues on a local and global scale. The data CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC. provided empowered us to make changes to improve customer service."

— Bob Guth