What We Do

We Talk

We obtain third party, objective information from your customers concerning what they think of the products and services that you offer. We talk to them over the telephone because we think nothing can replace the power of the “give and take” of a conversation to draw out quantitative as well as invaluable qualitative anecdotal remarks.

We Listen

The responses we obtain from customers go well beyond those received from a written survey. We politely probe beyond the cryptic “yes/no” responses that often are given in a mail-back or web-based survey. We report not only the content of the customers’ answers but also the context of those answers, by hearing and noting nuances and inflections that can only be gained through a live conversation.

We achieve a very high rate of contact with your customers. Generally we obtain information from up to 80%-95% of the customers we are to contact.

We Communicate

We offer our clients a thorough explanation of what their customers are really thinking about their products and service. The information in our reports reveals problematic areas and areas of strength. Through our careful, objective analysis, we can suggest possible solutions as well as strategies to help our clients capitalize on the marketing and promotional significance of the data. Our clients find the customer comment section of our reports extremely insightful because the personal customer comments finish the story that the numbers only begin to tell.

We Collaborate

We do not just deliver a report, we offer our assistance in helping the business implement any changes that the information suggests should be made.

Because we develop a unique perspective of a company by learning what their customers think we can become a valuable extension of their sales and customer service initiatives.

"Our relationship with CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP, INC. has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to client satisfaction and also allowed us to quickly respond to client concerns that might not be expressed directly to LDG employees working with clients."

— Keith S. Kuzio
Larson Design Group